Dual Token System

CMX token introduction.

The Comics (CMX) Token

The token will be issued as the Comics/CMX token.

The CMX token will be the token of the MetaForce Metaverse. This token will exist as both a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and a Fungible Token (FT) through a token swap contract. The token swap will be bi-directional, this will allow NFTs to be sent to the token swap address and in return the sender will be issued the amount of the FT shown on the NFT. Any amount of fungible tokens sent that does not equally divide into NFTs will be returned to the sender.

The choice to use a dual token system was made to vastly improve the potential for token sinks. With a dual token system the NFTs can be used as rewards in things like blends. They also can be easily handled in the asset explorer of the platform creating a use case for a mass market that may not be comfortable using FTs. Finally it allows for future expansion to other chains using standard NFT bridges currently being built by other 3rd parties. MFC felt that this approach provided the maximum possible usage for our Metaverse token.

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