MetaForce Comics

Project Description

MetaForce Comics is a digital comic book project built on the blockchain. MFC works with projects to provide the comic book experience we have all enjoyed in the past, with the security of blockchain technology and decentralization.

MetaForce Comics also gamifies the collecting experience by offering ways to craft badges and earn rewards for collecting MFC products. MetaForce Comics is inextricably linked to MetaForce Collectibles.

Project Goals

The primary goal of MetaForce Comics is to extend the blockchain and NFT experience beyond just the blockchain audience, but also to every day collectors. Every decision made is based on sticking to the core goals of personal ownership and decentralization, while also providing an easy to use and recognizable web DAPP. The website will allow those with limited or no blockchain experience to enjoy the digital comics and collectibles that MFC offers. As the DAPP develops it is planned to be a one stop location for all MFC brands and offer the ability to interact with next to no blockchain experience.

In addition to taking the friction out of being a digital collector, MFC also wants to make the experience fun and engaging. The MetaForce Comics audience should enjoy every minute of being on the MFC platform and experiencing the comics and collectibles.

Collaboration is key to MetaForce Comics goals and future. We strive to extend collaborations to a number of brands and across multiple blockchains. NFTs will carry utility within the MFC platform and throughout multiple other partner platforms as well. Users will find MetaForce Comics, and it's partners, throughout the crypto-sphere.

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