MetaForce Arcade

Project Description

MetaForce Arcade is a project designed to connect the community with the web3 gaming projects. The project rewards players for interacting with various web3 games that have had either the project team, or a player in the project, partner with the MetaForce community to build value for both entities by issuing arcade tickets for playing various games.

Project Goals

The primary goal of the project is to support other web3 games and gamers while connecting communities. The mechanic hopes to support those gaming projects by cross connecting their communities with other like minded gaming community members. By allowing either individual owners or projects themselves to participate in MF Arcade the game location/land/asset/venue can reward it's gamers with MF Arcade tickets.

An additional goal of the arcade project will be to help spread the MetaForce name across the web3 space by issuing tickets to gamers. In addition to project awareness the tickets hope to attract people to the MetaForce community where they can connect with other gaming products to earn more tickets.

Finally the arcade project helps to distribute the tickets to as broad a group of people as possible to decentralize the project. These tickets can be blended for the primary utility token CMX or the "Comics" token. This allows gamers to earn this token to get started in the MetaForce Comics and Collectibles projects.

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