Badge Crafting

Show off your comic collecting chops with badges.

Crafting Details

Those that prefer comics to collectibles should not be left out when it comes to having the ability to do crafting. However burning the comics was not ever going to be part of our roadmap. To reward comic collectors a badge system has been built to give them a crafting challenge as well.

When each series comic is opened the collector receives an open pack (wrapper) NFT of the same mint number as the comic pack they opened. Those can be saved as collectibles, or used to craft collectors badges. There is a different crafting recipe for each rarity level, and all 7 rarity levels will be available.

Some badges will require common wrappers, some rare wrappers, and the highest level rarities will require burning lower rarity badges. This provides a gamification and decision making on whether to save low mints or chase a higher rarity low mint.

Crafting Recipes

  • Common - 2x Common Wrappers

  • Uncommon - 4x Common Wrappers

  • Rare - 3x Common + 2x Rare Wrappers

  • Epic - 5x Common + 4x Rare Wrapper

  • Legendary - 3x Common Badges + 3x Rare Badges (15C + 6R Wrappers)

  • Mythic - 3x Uncommon Badges + 3x Epic Badges (27C + 12R Wrappers)

  • Collector's Edition - 3x Legendary Badges + 3x Mythic Badges (126C + 54R Wrappers)

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