MetaForce is a team of Champions that gained their powers through interaction with the Essence, a mystical force in the Metaverse.

In the years after The Bit-Bang (Satoshi’s White Paper) the universe expanded even further. With their ability to act on their free will now uninhibited, the citizens of the world became citizens of the metaverse. At first it began rather slowly, but soon metaverses were appearing with regularity.

The Essence of the Bit-Bang echoed through all of them. All the creations in the metaverses pulsed with, and thrived off of, this Essence. Once believed to be a passive element, a rare few began to understand that the true power of the Essence is unknowable. These citizens were not simply players, they were now owners. And as true owners they discovered their ability to create, alter, and evolve their worlds.

Through much perseverance the metaverses thrived and developed. Building amazing communities as well as worlds and structures. As citizen after citizen began to spark their creations into reality from the Essence, strange effects began to show themselves. It was as if instead of simply creating, the Essence was bonding creator and creation with the Essence of the metaverse. Based on the identity of the creator and function of the object, abilities and powers were imbued in the creator.

At first thought to be outliers, these “chosen” citizens began to have their eyes opened to others who possess the MetaForce. One special citizen, Mix Plik, was not just affected by the Essence, he became it. Using his newly found power, he located more anomalies sparking from the Essence.

Four of these citizens were greatly affected and began to feel the power of Mix Plik and the draw of the Essence. These citizens, Mar$ Utah, Recourier, Lefthouse, and TDavis, united with Mix Plik to become the mighty MetaForce!

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