Governance Fundamentals

A discussion of details of the planned governance for MetaForce.

Governance Token

The CTZN token is the primary governance token of the MetaForce community project. This token will be used for on chain voting of various items important to the community. As the token and token details are under design the voting is temporarily happening off chain.

Ownership & Decentralization

A long term goal of the governance and rewards token is to provide the community as much possible ownership as possible. This ownership and how it works is a matter of great legal significance and is not a simple thing to solve.

Research into the options is under way, currently there are 3 states that offer some type of decentralized ownership models for blockchain based companies. It must be stressed that this will be a slow and careful process to make sure no state or federal laws or guidelines are broken. There is no timeline given for when this gets finalized other than to say it's being worked on actively. The primary goal will be to avoid having any token be considered a security.

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