Gamification of the MFC Metaverse.

Crafting Fundamentals

Being a collector can be a lot of fun. It can be a great time to pick up a rare edition, or hold a prized possession. Beyond that, there can also be more. MFC aims to bring a level of gamification to collecting. Though there will be standard and recognizable collecting mechanics with our drops and sales, there will also be a level of gaming and competition. Whether that take form in "mint sprints" with a goal of crafting a low mint collectible, or points competitions, or simply badges of honor there will be a number of ways to gamify the MFC Metaverse through crafting.

Crafting Goals

Crafting will be used in the Metaverse for a number of reasons. The crafting itself will either aim to tie into the lore and storytelling for the collectibles, or the collecting experience with the comics. You may want to craft your own collectible or badge. Crafting could also be used for supply reduction on certain promo NFTs. There will also be in the future crafting related to tokenomics.

The crafting has all been designed with great care to ensure it does not adversely impact the integrity of the collection rarity calculations, or the collectibles values.

Crafting Types

  • Champion Crafting

  • Badge Crafting

  • Promo Burns

  • Burn to Buy

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