How crafting leaderboards will work.

Craft Gaming in the MFC Metaverse.

Crafting will play an important part in the growth of the MFC Metaverse. MFC sees crafting as a good indication of engagement with the project. Since certain NFTs can only be acquired through crafting, or secondary market purchase, it's likely these will end up in the wallets of those most interested in the brand. MFC wants a way to reward these collectors.

MFC has built a database of all MFC NFTs on WAX. This database checks wallet contents as well as staked assets if various staking P2E games with which we partner. This means you do not have to unstake to participate. The database will update once every 24 hours at UTC midnight. It will effectively be live with a maximum of 24 hour delay.

Leaderboard Points Calculations

Each rarity of crafted NFT will have points assigned. As the rarities go higher the points will adjust by a factor of 3, with each higher rarity being worth 3x the rarity directly below it. As the MFC Metaverse grows, series 1 and comic issue 1 crafted NFTs will earn bonus multipliers to differentiate them from the newest releases. This is intended to reward the early adopters.

  • Common - 1 pt

  • Uncommon - 3 pts

  • Rare - 9 pts

  • Epic - 27 pts

  • Legendary - 81 pts

  • Mythic - 243 pts

  • CE - 729 pts

Leaderboard Rewards

Rewards will not be limited solely to the highest level of points. This is easy to game by a high value person who can grab a few CEs and top the leaderboard. The reason that MFC built a full database is so that it will be simple to filter DB queries.

What this means is that although there may be times that the top overall points leaders earn rewards, individual category leaders can be rewarded as well. Those with the most champion, or badge points of a given series or comic may be rewarded. Those with the most common points, or any given rarity in fact, may be rewarded. The goal will be to find a way to drive rewards to any level of collector regardless of their ability to collect the highest rarities. That being said, there will also be rewards for overall leaders as well.

Leaderboard Challenges

Though some rewards snapshots will be taken unannounced, there will also be times that we have challenges. These challenges will run for a period of time and have defined rewards. The individual collector will be able to choose to craft more to improve their score, or pick up NFTs on the secondary market. All that will matter will be that the NFTs are in your wallet at the snapshot time.

Leaderboard Interaction

The leaderboard will be available on the website to be viewed. At launch the leaderboard will only display the overall score. Eventually a sort and filter function will be available on the site so that people can check their own standings in any category

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