Promotional drops

Promotional drops will be used for each significantly sized pack sale or release of either collectibles or comics. Promos will also have use in various gamification aspects such as crafting or whitelisting.

Promos will be sent out for free through a number of different mechanics. These are intended not only to bring awareness to an upcoming sale, but also drive engagement. Some promos will be dropped using traditional drop links for free to collect drops on various marketplace platforms, though this method will be limited due to it's ease of being abused.

Partner projects will be given promos to deliver to their community as they see fit. This will especially be the case when promotion is for a partners comic series launching on MFC or other type of partnership arrangement.

NFT mining, game interactions, and engagement with partner games will also be used for promotional distribution at times. This means some promos may primarily be available by joining the partners game and participating.

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