Understanding the rarities of the MFC comics.


The common comic book will be a digital version of what one might expect from a standard comic book. The individual images will all be static, with the exception of the page turn animation, and you will read the comic in the same way you would a standard paper comic.

The common comic will represent the majority of each issue. There will be a large number of commons to allow for the comic to find it's way into many collectors hands. We want the story telling to make it out to those that want it. On a typical drop the commons will represent approximately 75-82% of the issues in circulation. It's important to the team to have a wide reach.

It is likely that there will be some non-standard drops that don't necessarily include all the different rarities, or may be a special edition. In those cases there may be only a common released, or some other non-standard rarity arrangement.


The rare comic takes the same story and pages from the common comic and adds dynamic function and animation within the pages. As you read various images will move in a way to help enhance the story.

The rare comic will represent a significantly smaller portion of each issue than the common. This will be a comic more intended for those that are interested in digital scarcity. Each rare comic may represent approximately 15-19% of the issues in circulation.


The legendary comic will tell the same story, but will be an entirely different experience. When you open the cover of the legendary comic you will be met with a completely encompassing and engrossing multimedia comic experience.

This comic will be a full animated video with many scenes from the rare comic as well as some additional animation. The comic will at times feel like an animated cartoon series, though it will maintain the feel of a comic book. There will be a narrator as well as voice actors for all the characters. Voicing for the comic will include not only team members, but also professional voice actors. The comic will be a fully produced experience.

Legendary comics will only represent 1-2% of the total run for that issue.

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