Champion Crafting

The only way to get Champions is to craft them.

Crafting Lore

In the MetaForce Metaverse Champions are created when a Citizen uses the Essence to harness the power of an Alter. To make a Champion card you will need to take the appropriate Citizen card and the matching Alter card and combine them with an Essence card. These 3 cards will be burned and you will be issued the Champion card in the order that they are minted. The process of fusing these together is called MetaFusion.

Crafting Rarities

The Champion card will be a match to the appropriate Citizen and Alter cards, the Essence cards will be universally used and will not be specific to any Citizen. This MetaFusion will be available for every rarity level of cards. To get a Legendary Champion, you must fuse together a Legendary Citizen, a Legendary Alter and a Legendary Essence. Champion crafts will be available for all 7 rarity levels.

Impact of crafting on card types

The initial card distribution will allow for 100% of Essence cards to be burned, 50% of Citizen cards, 50% of Alter cards, and there will be no upgrade mechanic for Evil-Doers. If all packs were to be opened and all cards upgraded each rarity would have an equal amount of Champion, Citizen, Alter and Evil-Doer cards. Additionally no Essence would remain as it would all be burned.

As MetaFusion takes place Essence will become more and more scarce. Additionally the Champion cards will have ever increasing mint numbers. This is likely to lead to a situation where Champion cards are much more rare than any other card types. Essence cards will have no additional upgrade usage other than 5 MetaFusions to create Champion cards, so it will be for the individual collector to decide their tolerance for burning Essence or keeping it for its own collectible value.

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