Series Collectibles

Collect and complete each series

Series collectibles will have a finite amount of collectibles and rarities. These are designed carefully with specific counts in mind. The goal is to create a collection that is related to, or enhances, the comic book experience. By building a well defined collection we can provide the user with specific and attainable goals for completion.

Although much of the series will be available through packs a portion of each series will only be able to be attained by way of crafting. This means to complete your collection you will need to engage with the story and lore, and take the time to craft them yourself, or search them out on the secondary market.

Series may at times have expansions. These expansions will only happen occasionally and will have been designed into the series initially, but may be held for distribution at a later date. These may come as part of an engagement mechanism or distributed as an extra found in specific comic pack sales. To complete your series you will need to remain engaged with the collection over time.

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