Arcade Games

The games of MetaForce

The only requirement to be a MetaForce arcade game is to be some kind of web3 game that allows player interaction that can be tracked in a transparent way, and to be voted in by the community.

In our initial design for Arcade, the MetaForce project would own certain game assets that would allow our community to engage with various web3 gaming platforms. This worked well for a period of time, but also shed light on a number of limitations. By requiring all gaming assets to be owned by the project it limited which games we could work with, and created bandwidth issues for managing those game interactions.

In the new version of arcade we are opening up gaming locations/venues/assets to anyone. Any individual can come in and pitch to the community to be a MetaForce arcade game. To be successful you will have to show the community how you will use the provided MetaForce assets to promote the project. You will need to have a plan for distribution and a way to garner community interest.

The community will vote for the top 10 arcade games each month to get rewards. The rewards will be in the form of MetaForce arcade tickets. The key to becoming a game will be convincing the community you are one of the top 10 operators/game assets for the community.

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