Collectible Fundamentals

A discussion on the technical aspects of the collectibles made by MFC.

Digital Collectibles

MetaForce produces digital collectibles for the the MetaForce series, as well as collaborative pieces with other projects. These collectibles are designed to be enjoyed time and again without the wear and tear of using and storing physical collectibles.

Ownership & Decentralization

All of our collectibles are NFTs. They reside in your personal wallet and cannot be taken from you. The images and/or videos are uploaded on to IPFS. Although you can opt to enjoy or collectibles through our website, or on various marketplaces, every owner can choose to access their collectibles through the IPFS hash in their metadata and do what they wish with them.

Viewing Your Collectibles

Our intentions is to allow the collector to enjoy their collectibles in as many ways possible. If using our platform, when you log in you will see your full inventory of collectibles. You can click on whichever collectible, or rarity, you wish to read and immediately be enjoying them with a quick load time and ease of seeing you what you own and what you are missing.

In addition, your collectibles will be viewable on any number of marketplaces depending on the chain. You are not locked into our platform and can see them on all typical platforms and NFT viewer applications.

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