Work with partner projects.

Collaborations will be a part of the MFC Metaverse. We intend to be a highly collaborative project that works with a number of other NFT projects in the space. These collaboration collectibles may be launched as part of our collection, or as part of a partners collection.

This type of collectible is intended primarily to be fun and enjoyable. These may be part of a larger collaborative effort, or one-off issuances. They may come in comic sales, or collaboration drops, or other pack types. This particular type of collectible will by particularly dynamic in their design as they will often be done either in the style of the partner project, or as a mash up.

We will always announce and make public our collaboration efforts before they go on sale or available to be dropped. If at any time you are unsure if something that appears to be a collaboration is not, just contact our team and we can let you know.

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