Director Voting

The voting process for directors

Voting Evolution

Phase 1 Voting

Initially voting is being done via polls in the community discord. The voting channels are being gatekept by verification in the board of director area. The goal of this phase of voting is primarily to help the directors outline how they want to see the project move forward as we design the future of the project.

Phase 2 Voting

At this time it is not certain if there will be a phase 2 voting for directors as the smart contracts are built. If there is, it's not certain that the voting update will take place at the same time as the community.

Phase 3 Voting

In the final planned voting evolution there will be an on chain voting mechanic for directors.

Voting Topics

Directors will vote on topics that are critical to the overall well being of the project. They will also be tasked with certain business related decisions to keep the project financially viable. Lastly the board will vote on certain legally required roles to run the business. An example many be a CEO or CFO.

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