A description of MetaForce arcade tickets.

What are tickets?

The concept of arcade tickets are based on a real world arcade. The idea is you play a bunch of games and earn tickets. After earning a large pile of tickets you could combine them to claim prizes. In the current iteration of arcade the primary way to use the tickets is to blend for CMX. The intention is to provide other types of rewards through blends to allow for arcade ticket use. Currently there are some limitations with blending contracts that somewhat limit some options. The team is looking into ways to add additional utility.

Tickets Version 1 - Legacy Tickets

In the first iteration of arcade each separate game would get a customized ticket. Though this worked well for assets owned and operated by the team, it did require reaching out to individual projects and getting approval for each ticket as it referenced project names or IP.

This model would not work well for the new arcade model. Additionally these tickets were able to be traded in at a rate of 5 tickets per CMX. This felt reasonable at the time, but has proven to be a little limiting as you increase the number of games. These tickets will no longer be issued in the future, but they will retain their value for CMX trade in.

These tickets will also become collectibles, as they are rewards for the earliest version of arcade. There were a total of 5 variations of this ticket style.

Tickets Version 2 - New Tickets

In the newest version of arcade there will be only one type of arcade ticket that is distributed to all arcade games. This will greatly simplify the distribution model as well as the blending. What this means is that players will be able to more easily combine their tickets than in the previous version. To help with having a larger number of games, the ticket values will also be 1/2 of the legacy tickets. The total number of tickets issued will be doubled to allow for the same theoretical CMX value to be issued on a monthly basis. This is important as it plays into the CMX distribution rates.

These tickets will blend at a rate of 10 tickets for 1 CMX.

Ticket Distribution

The amount of tickets distributed to each game will be a function of community voting. The exact calculation for the tickets to be distributed will be tested by the community over the first few months until there is a consensus on the voting method.

Individual game operators will provide the solution for distribution of tickets to players. Being that there will be several different web3 platforms used in games, each will potentially have a method of in game NFT distribution. Others may require some external scripting, while others will require a manual distribution by the operator. The community will police the distribution, if it's determined an operator is taking advantage of the system or stealing tickets from the community they will be blacklisted from the program.

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