Special NFT Distribution

Distribution methods for collectibles that either do not come in packs, or have special mechanics.


There will be a number of times that collectibles will be distributed without packs for one reason or another. These may be because they are promotional, or a collaboration, or used as a reward for community engagement.

Community Engagement

A major platform for distribution will be based on community engagement. There are regular events held for the community. Participation in those events will often result in distribution of collectibles. The more engaged a person is, the more likely they are to receive something during and event.

NFT Mining

MFC will partner with multiple metaverse partners. Some of our partners offer NFT distribution mechanics directly in their platforms and we will work with them to leverage their distribution models for our NFTs.

MFC has also designed ways to participate on other platforms, were NFT mining is not a part of their platform, and use that platform engagement as a metric for NFT distribution. In these cases we may design tasks or mini-missions to get a chance at getting an NFT reward from MFC.


NFTs will also be distributed as rewards for participating in the MFC crafting challenges. To find out more about MFC crafting mechanics check out the crafting section.

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