MetaForce Collectibles

Project Description

MetaForce Collectibles is a digital collectibles project designed and focused on collaboration and cooperation with other projects while also engaging the core MetaForce audience. Collectibles will include things like trading cards, digital "coin" art, achievement badges, and other types of collectibles.

The digital collectibles made as part of the project will often be in coordination with characters developed as part of MetaForce comics. In addition to these collectibles, there will also often be collectibles based on the style of other collaboration projects.

In some cases these collaborations will be done in the collection of the partner project. These collaborations may exist on the WAX chain or natively and/or bridged to other chains.

Project Goals

There are many goals of the collectibles project. These represent the most diverse usage of the various sub projects. The collectibles will be first and foremost for collecting. They are designed to showcase artwork of the MetaForce collection as well as the projects and individual artists with which MetaForce collaborates.

Additional utilities will include those provided both by MetaForce and it's partners. Some of the various usages will include marking achievements, staking, access to various perks and/or drops, as well as additional uses to be added in the future.

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