Sales dynamics specific to series

Mint Quantities

Each comic will have it's first issue being the lowest number of minted quantities. This is done intentionally to recreate the scarcity found in first issues of comics. As additional issues come out the number of mints will increase over time until reaching a sustainable amount for the size of the audience.

First runs will typically have 6,000 total issues. 4,900 common, 1,000 rares, & 100 legendaries.

Second, third and fourth runs will increase by 3,000 issues each until reaching 15,000 total issues. From the fourth run and above the supply will stay at 15,000 total issues unless there is overwhelming demand from the community.


Series comics will come in "sealed" packages, or packs. These packs will contain the comics and in some cases additional collectibles. When collectibles are issued as part of comic packs, they will be available only through those packs and will have a specific designed place in the overall collection.

When opening the pack you will receive the contents of the pack as well as an "open pack" NFT (AKA wrapper) which will look similar but notably different than the unopened packs. These will be in a different schema to avoid pack confusion. Your open pack will have the same mint number as the pack you opened. This allows collectors with low mints to be able to still collect that low mint open pack NFT while enjoying their comic. The open pack NFT can be held, sold, or used in crafting.

All pack contents will be pre-minted. When you open the pack you will draw your contents from a pre-minted pool and will have the opportunity to draw a mint 1 all the way up to the last mint regardless of when the pack is opened.

Comic Variants

Each comic will come in the variants, labeled A, B, & C. Each variant will have it's own cover, the internal story and art will be the same for each of the variants with the cover art being the distinctive feature.

Variant A will feature the artist that matches the internal art of the book. This variant will represent 50% of all comics per issue.

Variant B will feature a guest artist or collaborating collection. This variant will represent 30% of all comics per issue.

Variant C will feature a guest artist or collaborating collection. This variant will represent 20% of all comics per issue.

Pack Types

Standard series packs will come in three types, common pack, rare pack and legendary pack.

Common packs will only include common rarity comics.

  • 50% Variant A - Common

  • 30% Variant B - Common

  • 20% Variant C - Common

Rare packs will contain primarily rare comics with a small chance of legendary variant A.

  • 48.94% Variant A - Rare

  • 29.36% Variant B - Rare

  • 19.57% Variant C - Rare

  • 2.13% Variant A - Legendary

Legendary packs will give you one each of the common, rare and legendary comics. This is the only pack in which you can find legendary variants B or C.

100% Common

  • 50% Variant A - Common

  • 30% Variant B - Common

  • 20% Variant C - Common

100% Rare

  • 50% Variant A - Rare

  • 30% Variant B - Rare

  • 20% Variant C - Rare

100% Legendary

  • 37.50% Variant A - Legendary

  • 37.50% Variant B - Legendary

  • 25.00% Variant C - Legendary

At times, packs may contain additional contents. Those additional collectibles may be distributed across one or more pack types. In some cases these may be individual collectibles, or possibly packs of collectibles. Please see collectibles section for pack dynamics of collectibles.

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