Comic Book Fundamentals

A discussion on the technical aspects of the comics made by MFC.

Digital Comics

MFC produces digital comic books. These comics are designed to be enjoyed time and again without the wear and tear of reading a physical comic book. They retain their value as they are not used and worn out, allowing the reader to enjoy them regularly without fear of damage.

The comics are built in an e-reader style. This means when you turn the pages on the comic you will see the page turn in an animated style. You can also grab the corner of the page and turn it yourself. The design is intended, once again, to recreate the comic experience from years past in a digital format.

Each comic is a complete and full comic book. We made the conscious decision to not require collectors to assemble their comics by collecting the pages, the cells, or the parts. When a new comic drops we want to recreate the fun of tearing open your comic and diving into the story. There will be other forms of gamification, but we chose for it not to be part of the comic issuance process.

Ownership & Decentralization

All of our comics are NFTs. They reside in your personal wallet and cannot be taken from you. The contents of our comics are uploaded on to IPFS. Although you can opt to read our comics through our website, every owner can choose to access their comics through the IPFS hash in their metadata and do what they wish with it.

Reading your comics

Our platform allows you to enjoy your comics in the simplest way possible. When you log in you will see your full inventory of comics. You can click on whichever issue, or rarity, you wish to read and immediately be enjoying your comic with the quickest load time and easiest way to go between issues. Though you don't absolutely need our website to read our comics, it will be the most enjoyable way to immerse yourself in the stories.

You can read the comics both on desktop and mobile web. Our comics are designed to be size dynamic and to scale to your screen. You will be able to access and enjoy the comics you own on any device you happen to have.

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