MetaForce Governance Project

Project Description

The cornerstone of the MetaForce community is it's influence over the direction of the project.

In it's current incarnation there is a privately owned company that focuses on running the project and keeping it within legal requirements. This is a starting point and was necessary to meet certain requirements of the project and WAX marketplaces early on in it's inception.

At this time the community is directly involved in designing the future of the project. This includes community discussion and off chain voting. There is an initial framework for how the company will move from privately held to decentralization. This is being designed based on the laws of the United States as that is the country in which the company was founded.

Project Goals

The long term goal is to move to an on chain governance model. This will allow the company to transition to a community owned project. This process is not intended to be rushed as there are legal matters that must be reviewed with a goal of keeping the project in good standing within the framework of the United States laws.

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