Community Representation

Board of Directors

The project will be run by a board of directors. The directors will be voted upon and elected by the holders of the CTZN token.

During the project building period there will be interim directors who will be appointed to help define and build the project. The goal of the appointed directors is to help steer the project in the right direction during it's building period. Once the necessary smart contracts are in place to allow for the voting mechanics as designed the appointed directors will be asked to run for office.

The board will have a chairman of the board. The chairman will be elected by the board and will serve as the primary person helping to manage the board and keep things moving forward. The remainder of specific board positions such as secretary or financial director have not been determined and will be part of the project building.

The directors job will be to run the "business" of the MetaForce project. Their charge will be to oversee the health and wellbeing of the project and to maintain it's ability to support itself.


Director elections will require the candidate to stake a fixed amount of CHAMP. Upon staking the CHAMP the candidate will become eligible for election.


The elected terms for the directors has not yet been determined. This will be determined by the community during the project building period. The intention is to provide a regular cycle so that the directors need to regularly engage to keep their position.


Elected directors will receive a stipend paid in CMX during their term of election. This stipend will cover their time and work on behalf of the project. It will also cover the CHAMP earnings that they will forego by having it staked for the time they spend in office. This will be distributed through the staking contract for officers.

Vote of No Confidence

There will be a mechanic for the community to register a vote of no confidence in a director. The intention of this vote is when a particular director has done something significant enough to warrant removal before the end of their term.

Removal from Office

Removal from office/approval of a community vote of no confidence will require a 2/3 vote by the remainder of the board.


A director may retire from office by removing their CHAMP stake. This will immediately end their role in the director position as well as their renumerations.

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