The use case for the token that governs the MFC Metaverse.


The CHAMP token will be used for rewards of the MetaForce project. An additional use is that CHAMP tokens will be required to be staked to run for office as a director of MetaForce.

CHAMP Rewards

Initial CHAMP rewards will allow those that stake CHAMP to earn CMX. The CMX distribution detailed in the tokenomics will be distributed to CHAMP holders.

On occasion, additional rewards will be distributed to holders and/or stakers of CHAMP. These may be some type of profit or revenue sharing, or NFT distribution, or any number of other rewards.


To run as an officer/director of the MetaForce project you will need to stake a minimal amount of CHAMP. This staking requirement is to ensure that anyone running for office would have an inherent interest in the projects well being.

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