MFC Whitepaper
Staking & Play to Earn(P2E)
Empowering MFC NFTs work for the collector.

Staking, P2E, & NFT Mining

The intention of our P2E partnerships is to extend the gamification of the MFC Metaverse beyond just the crafting and leaderboard functions we offer as part of the MFC platform. We want our collectors to have a choice of P2E platforms in which to utilize the MFC assets to earn game tokens across the Metaverse.
Some platforms allow you to earn by simply holding assets in your wallet, others will require active staking. In other platforms we will maintain a presence there and you can earn by participating in the in game economy and or visiting our in game location.
Additionally, some of our partners offer NFT distribution mechanics directly in their platforms. These games incentive players by offering a way to earn or win MetaForce, and other partner, NFTs by engaging in their gameplay. This arrangement allows for us to reach new communities and introduce them to the MFC Metaverse, while also allowing our community to learn the landscape of NFT gaming available.


  • Warsaken (In wallet staking)
  • The Uplift World (Requires active game play)
  • Immersys (In game comics & 3D comic shop)
  • Train of the Century (Station, in game play)
  • Taco Universe (Venue, future dungeon entrance)
  • Alien Worlds (Land mining)
  • NFT Battle Miners (In game mining)
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Staking, P2E, & NFT Mining