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Collaboration Goals

One of the main goals of MFC is to connect the Metaverse. One way we do that is by doing collaborations with many partners on multiple chains. These collaborations intend to connect the MFC community to new NFT projects and also introduce MFC to new people through collaborative art and collectible drops and sales. These collaborations may be through featured content in our comics or through special drops and sales.
We additionally work with a number of strategic & production partners to build the MFC brand and products. These may include blockchain companies, marketplaces, or production companies to bring our products to market.

Collaboration Partners

  • CryptomonKeys
  • Neon Space
  • Marble Cards

Strategic & Production Partners

  • Atomic Market
  • Nefty Blocks
  • MAD Studios
  • Taco
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Collaboration Goals
Collaboration Partners
Strategic & Production Partners