CMX Issuances
Distribution Models & Token Supply

CMX Supply

CMX tokens will be specific to each year. Each denomination will have it's own image and will be stamped with it's minting year. In this way the tokens will each be individual collectibles and a complete set of each year can be made.
The annual token supply has still not been finalized. There will be a finite amount of CMX NFTs that will be minted. All initial mints will be in the 1 CMX denomination. The template for 1 CMX will have a locked total issuance.
After each year a full review of that years minting, distribution and use will take place. The following years supply will be calculated and announced to the community.

Token Distribution

The token will initially be distributed as only a 1 CMX NFT. There will be blends available to blend up to higher denominations to complete the sets. There will be 6 total denominations including the 1 CMX initial denomination. Each of the first 5 denominations will feature a character from the MFC Metaverse. The 6th will feature a special scene that will require blending of lower denominations.
The 2022 CMX Series will feature the 5 MetaForce champions on the 5 lower denominations. The 6th and highest denomination will feature a group shot of the MetaForce team.
Future annual series runs will be selected by the team after getting input from the community. There will be a way to vote to influence the outcome. The initial voting mechanics will be rather informal. As we approach 2023 we hope to get a much more formalized system designed.
Much like minting IRL tokens, the token supply will exist on a minting schedule. The Mint will only be available to produce a certain amount of tokens weekly. The CMX NFTs will be distributed each Monday based on a predetermined formula. The Mint is only open 50 weeks a year and takes a 2 week hiatus at the end of December each year for holiday break and retooling for the next years run. During these two weeks token minting contracts will be updated for the following years templates.
Total distribution will be measured by the total years supply divided by 50 weeks. Each of the first 50 Mondays of the year 2% of the annual supply will be minted to a (or multiple) team wallet(s). In 2022 the team will prorate the annual supply based on the remaining weeks of the year.
At some point in the future, the fungible token trade contract will be completed and you will be able to move your tokens freely between fungibles and non-fungibles. The purpose for this is to allow for comic purchases with the CMX token. A timeline for this function has not yet been established. Any fungible tokens in existence will be because they were from the NFTs passing through the contract to be made fungible.

Token Rewards

The token will be rewarded both as FTs and NFTs. Rewards will be for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, the following...
  • General Community Engagement
  • Leaderboard Rewards
  • Liquidity Pool (LP) rewards
  • NFT Mining/Partner Project Engagement
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CMX Supply
Token Distribution
Token Rewards